System Repairs & Upgrades


Through constant usage your systems will be exposed to general wear and tear, sometimes resulting in unintentional damage. A lot of the time we can come to you instead of you having to take the system anywhere else.

It's not only computers and laptops we take care of either, but mobiles too! Instead of having to pay crazy prices to get them repaired by the manufacturer, we offer a low cost solution of being able to replace screens for you locally. That means less wait time and less cost to you.

Virus Removal

Cracked Laptop Screens

Hardware Issues

Mobile Repairs
e.g. Cracked screens, Factory Resets, Recovery

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System Upgrades

Bring your old PC to life again!

Systems that have seen a year or more of usage will accumulate not only dust and wear, but the operating system also holds onto the old cobwebs of everyday usage that you've built up. Old registry entries, programs no longer used, bloatware, malware and viruses are often the cause of a systems slowdown.

Newer software may also require better hardware to function correctly; we can tell you if your hardware has room for improvement and apply any requested upgrades.

Free quotes for hardware upgrades

12 Months part warranty

On-site maintenance included

Upgrade Windows or OSX to the latest release

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